i am free as a bird
I wish I could fly like a bird (here in brazil),
but unfortunately can not, so I do 3d animation instead.

My name is Olivier Amrein, I am a blender 3d generalist and traveler, based in Lausanne, Switzerland.
I do 2d/3d animation using various softwares including blender, xsi, after effects and others when needed.

Right now I am working at RGB Prod (www.rgbprod.com), which is a studio in Aubonnes, near Geneva, we are always looking for talented blender artists for various projects so please feel free to send us your demo.

I am also available for conferences, workshops, presentations, or freelance work all around the world.
13es Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre, du 7 au 12 juillet 2012 à Genève

You can view my presentation at the 2010 blender conference on youtube (first part and second part).

Contact me at oenvoyageATgmail. Or follow me on twitter : @oenvoyage

I do support the blender development fund :


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